Azure IoT Edge local and offline dashboards

This post will cover a common ask for customers. How to display, report, or dashboard data locally, even when offline, from Azure IoT Edge

One of the main uses for IoT is to be able to have dashboards and reports showing the latest information off of IoT devices. Often that happens with data sent from the devices to the cloud. In many IoT scenarios, especially in manufacturing, those dashboards also serve the needs of local operators or supervisors in the very plants or locations that supply that IoT data. So often that data “round trips” from the device, up to Azure, then the reports back down to screens at the plant.

But what happens if you need lower latency reporting? Or you lose your Internet connection frequently because your plant is in an area with slow or unreliable connectivity?

A common ask from customer is to, in addition to sending the IoT data to Azure for centralized reporting, ML model training, etc to also have the data ‘reported/dashboarded’ locally. That allows for lower latency display, as well as continued operation in the event of an Internet failure.

To address this need, I’m happy to announce that Azure IoT Global Black Belt counterparts have published guidance and a sample implementation on how to do just this. The sample implementation happens to be a common manufacturing KPI called Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), but could be adapted to many other scenarios such as retail stores, warehouses, etc.

Please check it out at our github repo ->

Enjoy! And, as always, hit me up in the comments if you have questions.

IoT Transformers podcast

So… I did a thing.

My co-workers, Dani Diaz and Deb Oberly, host a very cool podcast called IoT Transformers. They typically host our Azure IoT customers and partners to talk about how they are transforming their businesses with IoT. It’s a great series full of really useful information about these customer’s and partner’s digital transformation journey.

For this most recent episode, they decided to interview me (“Insights from Busbyland” 🙂 ). As one of the founding members of our IoT Global Black Belt team, we talked about changes I’ve seen in the industry, cool projects, and the IoT-related tech I’m most excited about.

I’ve also created a cool circular reference. The podcast references the blog which references the podcast which references the blog which references the podcast………

Anyway, if you have interest, and want to hear my thoughts on IoT and just how horrible my electronically recorded voice is, how many times I say ‘ummm’, and a little southern drawl, check it out. And don’t forget to go back and give the entire series a listen. You won’t regret it.