About Me

Hi there!   I’m Steve.

Ignore the rest of the “about me” below.  Leaving it here for historical purposes, but I’m now retired (see latest post).  See ya’ in the ether.



I am a Principal Program Manager on our Azure IoT Internet Business Acceleration team, helping partners and customers build those early lighthouse and high impact solutions using our newest technology.  My primary initial focus is our Azure Digital Twins solution, but I’ll still blog about our overall IoT platform, of which ADT is an integral part.   Previously, I was an Azure IoT “Global Black Belt” (pre-sales engineer) for six years, helping customers build high impact IoT solutions.

I’ve been at Microsoft for 20+ years, working with a pretty wide variety of MS products and technologies.  My degree and background is electrical engineering, so IoT was a natural fit.

In case you are wondering, I’m in the one on the left in the pic above…   The other guy is some random multi-billionaire I ran into!  🙂

I probably won’t be a prolific blogger, but I do have tips and tricks I want to share from time to time.  I hope at least some of it is useful for you!

You can find me a few other places around the interwebs, including: