Azure IoTHub Auto-scaling

For my inaugural post, I figured, just to have it in one place, I’d revisit something I posted a few months ago on the IoT blog.  In fact, doing this is one of the things that prompted me to start this one…   Anyway, a frequent requested feature for Azure IoT Hub is the ability to auto-scale the IoT Hub when you approach your message limit for the day.   It’s a feature that is definitely on our roadmap, but IoT Hub doesn’t natively support it today.   This blog post on and accompanying sample show you an example solution of how you can do it today.

Getting started!

Hi!    At the prompting of a few of my compatriots, I’ve decided to (finally) start a blog.  This blog will, mostly,  focus on Internet of Things solutions with Microsoft Azure and it’s related technologies, but as with the randomness of topics inside my head, may wander from time to time!  If nothing else, it gives me a place to collect all my random tips and tricks so I can stop trying to remember exactly where it was that I saved that little nugget of random information that helps me get through the day!

Hope you enjoy it!   Check out the “About Me” page for a little background.